Arrested By Nulis Togel, Riduan Sianipar Sleeping On Cells

Arrested By Nulis Togel, Riduan Sianipar Sleeping On Cells

Labura – Kualuh Hulu Police Criminal Unit Personnel secured the suspect Kim Hong Kong type of Jurtul (Jurtul) clerk in Neighborhood V, East Aek Kanopan Village, Kualuh Hulu Subdistrict, Labuhanbatu Utara District (Labura), North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Tuesday (02/19/2019) night.

Through WhatsApp’s message received by journalists at the Labuhanbatu Police Center Media Center (MCP) on Wednesday (2/20/2019) afternoon, the Kualuh Hulu police chief, AKP Asmon Bufitra SH, said the suspect of the Hong Kong type of Lottery Jurt who was arrested by the Reskrim Unit officer was Riduan Sianipar (53), resident of the V Environment, East Aek Kanopan Village, Kualuh Hulu District, Labura Regency, North Sumatra.

AKP Asmon Bufitra explained, Tuesday (2/19/2019) night, around 8:00 p.m. WIB, Kualuh Hulu Police Criminal Unit personnel received information saying that in the V Environment, East Aek Kanopan Village, there was a lottery Jurtul type Kim Hong Kong who was active in receiving order / installation of guessed numbers for lottery gambling via SMS on mobile phones.

Following up on this information, the personnel of the Opsnal Reskrim Unit of Kualuh Hulu Police, led by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Ipda Gunawan Sinurat, SH MH, immediately moved towards the location of the suspect’s residence.

Once arrived, the officer immediately secured Riduan Sianipar along with proof of banknotes worth Rp. 51,000, and one unit of folding cellphone Samsung brand in white, which in his inbox there was an order to install Kim Hong Kong type gambling lottery guess numbers.

When interrogated by officers, Riduan Sianipar admitted frankly that the money from the sale / installation of the lottery gambling guesses was deposited to a man with the initials S, having his address at Ledong Timur Village, Aek Ledong Subdistrict, Asahan Regency, North Sumatra.

Then the officers carried out the development of hunting down the suspect S to the address mentioned by Riduan Sianipar.

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However, the officer has not managed to find the suspect S.

To account for his actions and further legal proceedings, at this time the suspect along with proof of banknotes worth Rp. 51,000, and one unit of folding cellphone Samsung brand in white have been secured by officers at Kualuh Hulu Police Headquarters in Aek Kanopan, Labura Regency, North Sumatra. ( Ari )

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