Aiming for Canada PR! Which test to choose? IELTS or CELPIP

Aiming for Canada PR! Which test to choose? IELTS or CELPIP

CELPIP and IELTS exams are mandatory for getting Canada PR.

Location of the tests: However the CELPIP exam has only one center in Chandigarh whereas IELTS has centers in most Indian cities. Apart from India, IELTS is available in 139 more countries. Both of these exams require scores which are equivalent to CLB7. However, CELPIP also mhas centers in other parts of the world apart from India. The 4 other centers where the exam centers of CELPIP are located are, Philippines, Canada, US and United Arab Emirates.

Score Requirements:The candidates have to get 6 in the 4 bands of IELTS for this score. As far as the CELPIP is concerned, 7 in all the four bands of this exam are needed for CLB7.


There is a lot of difference in the time limit of the different sections in both these exams. In IELTS, the listening section is of 30 minutes whereas the length of this section is 47-55 minutes in CELPIP.

CELPIP is computer-based whereas IELTS is both paper-based and computer-based. The candidate can opt for any version of the IELTS test based on the availability of time with him. The fee for the IELTS test in India is Rs 12,650. 280 CAD are needed to appear for the CELPIP test. Going by the current exchange rate of Canadian dollars, this fee is Rs 15,600.

The candidate can apply for IELTS and submit an application form which also involves choosing a test date for this exam. After booking, just five days prior to his chosen date for the test, the candidate gets an email to inform him about his venue for the test.

There is an important similarity between both the tests. Both these tests actually test the candidates for how well they are in British and American English types. So, when the candidate attempts the writing section of these tests, they are checked for their spelling mistakes based on these English types.

Test Results: The candidates need the test results of such tests before they can apply for Express Entry. The IELTS test results are available later than the CELPIP test results. These test results are given to candidates in a time period of 8 days. However, an earlier delivery of the results can be ordered by the candidate by paying just Rs 100 CAD through the Express Rating scheme. On the other hand, the IELTS test results are available in a time period of 13 days. All the Sections of the CELPIP test are conducted in a single session, so the candidate does not have to undergo through the hassle of appearing for the test on two different dates. This is not so for IELTS, where the speaking section is attempted on a different day than the other sections. It is taken earlier or later than the other sections of this exam.

Both tests have preparation programs available and study material can be bought through the official websites.

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