Why Seth Rollins won Universal Championship?


Why Seth Rollins won Universal Championship?

The Showcase of Immortals got of start to an explosive start with Seth Rollins curb stomp in Brock Lesnar three times in winning the Universal championship in just two and a half minute. What’s going on and why did Rollins not only win but winning convincing fashion?

Vince Mc Mahon finally realized the Brock Lesnar experiment was a failure. The Chairman has always been a massive proponent of featuring larger than life wrestlers as his champions. Beginning with Hulk Hogan and continuing through Brock Lesnar while there have always been exceptions. The WWE CEO like seeing a big man holding that WWE top prize. Combined Lasner’s legitimate MMA skills with his size and muscle, and you have everything Vince likes.

The problem was that McMahon was willing to pay anything to get Lesnar in the WWE and Lesnar knew it; whether it was Lesnar’s top dollar salary or his extremely light work schedule. Lesnar usually calls the Shots often phoning it in on the rare occasions he wrestled. There was some logic to WWE wanting to create a mystique around him and make his title defenses a special event. The latter goal failed, and the former was executed in a way that devastated anyone who stepped into the ring. Fans grew bored with Lesnar’s defenses. His squash wins over top stars never resulted in a payoff.

Wrestling fans have heard that Brock Lesnar is returning to UFC so many times and with the check is in the mail, and the WWE is going to listen to the fans on the front page. Industry, insiders and fans alike realized that Lesnar teased jumping to the UFC as a way to squeeze more and more money form, Vince McMahon.

Lesnar who reportedly signed a seven-figure deal when he returned to be Braun Strowman at their WWE’s Crown Jewel was supposedly leaving last year. WrestleMania 34 when Lesnar retained the Universal Championship Roman Reigns, fans figured he’d signed a short term deal to drop the belt at SummerSlam. Last March UFC President Dana White commented on all Daniel Cormier has done for UFC and discussed his request to battle the Beast saying;

“I think Brock & Cormier want that fight…I owe Cormier a lot. Cormier wants that fight, so Cormier’s going to get it”.

Cormier who is 40 reportedly contemplating retirement but he wants one last fight with Brock Lesnar. The match wouldn’t undoubtedly lead to a big payday for both comrades. Giving Lesnar a chance to test the UFC waters and figure out his future while this may chill WWE fans it’s likely the door will always be open for Lesnar to return to WWE.


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