What You Need To Know About Being Tested Before You Get a Job


Cannabis – What You Need To Know About Being Tested Before You Get a Job  


Despite the fact that cannabis has been legalised for recreational use in many states in America, some industries still have a zero-drug policy in place (even with medical use like this). Unfortunately, what this means is that if you have had any marijuana exposure up to 90 days prior and you apply for a job that has either mandatory drug testing as part of the employment process, or spot drug testing as part of the ongoing terms and conditions of employment, you may find yourself in a whole lot of unexpected trouble.

The main types of tests used by companies, particularly if they are testing primarily for cannabis rather than other types of substances, are going to be either blood testing, urine testing or hair testing. Each of these has different factors to consider and different results. However, if you know in advance what type of testing is likely you can try to ensure that your system is clean enough to actually pass that test.

Blood Testing

There is no way to outright trick a blood test. But there are ways to detox your system faster and help remove any trace of drugs from your system. Mild exposure to pot smoke may not be detectable in your blood stream – but by mild exposure we’re talking walking through a room full of pot smoke. However, if you were a heavy smoker – several joints a day, every day – then the markers that show up marijuana as being present in your system may well be detectable for up to 60 days after the LAST time you consumed pot. To pass a blood test the first thing you need to do once you discover that you are likely facing drug testing shortly is to just stop. Yes, cold turkey. Once you have stopped have a look at some of the different product reviews from drugtestingreviews.com.

Urine Testing

If it’s a urine test that you’re up against there are a host of methods that can be used to help you pass. Obviously, they all have varying degrees of risks and success rates, and nothing will ever compare to just being completely clean in the first place. In saying that, false positives do happen, and this might be one of your first option. You will need to know what they are testing for, but several over the counter medications as well as select prescription medications can result in a urine test showing that you have THC in your system, even if you know you don’t.

Another option to look at is using a urine substitute. This can either be a synthetic product usually supplied in a powder form, or simply the urine of a clean friend or associate. With these options you will need to be aware of the temperate of the sample, as modern workplace urine testing kits often have sensitive temperature detection build in to try and ensure that the same is fresh from the human body. This is one reason why storing frozen urine isn’t really a very good idea.

If you are using a urine substitute you will also need to think about how you will get the sample into the sample jar. If your test isn’t overly supervised this may not be an arduous task, however if you have a testing officer in the room with you then you may have more difficulty making the exchange. Here you can look into the range of tubes and pouches that can be used to help mask that the urine going into the specimen cup isn’t actually coming from your bladder.

Hair Testing

Hair strand analysis takes the most preparation to pass as the drugs can be detected in your hair sample for the longest time. The drugs enter your blood stream and pass into the hair follicles as they are growing. As your hair grows the drugs are detectable deep in the cuticle of your hair at the point of entry. So, a drug analysis can detect at what point you had taken drugs, and to a degree what amount. As well as what substance obviously. A hair test on Monday morning isn’t going to be able to show what you took on Saturday night, but it will show what you consumed the week before or the month before.

With hair testing you need to look at stripping the toxins and chemicals from the hair strand directly rather than trying to remove the drugs from your body through natural cleanses. Although you will probably find a range of weird and wonderful suggestions, a few of the methods are guaranteed NOT to work. Bleaching your hair with supermarket hair dye will not do anything except give you an interesting new look. Bleaching your hair with peroxide or cleaning products is unlikely to do much except maybe burn your scalp. And shaving your head does little except mean that they will be taking a hair sample from your underarm, pubic or chest hair.

However, there are a range of shampoos and cleaning conditioners that have had favourable reviews. Although they generally aren’t cheap, and there are a range of fake versions available on the market – so check your supplier first. You will likely need to shampoo, rinse and repeat several times to really strip your hair properly, and this may require you to repeat the process over several days in order to ensure effective results.


Detoxing Faster

You can speed up the detoxification process for a blood or urine test by increasing your water intake (FYI, beer is not a substitute). But this means drinking several quarts of filtered water over several days. You will also want to look at sweating out as many toxins as you can – the sauna method followed by either a cold shower or a cold pool can be effective.

Generally, if you are going to detox it helps to reduce any toxins going into your system, including alcohol and caffeine, but there are a range of new tests coming on to the market as fast as new strains of pot can be grown https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180517102254.htm

If you are looking at going for a job which has regular drug testing, then you might also need to think about the longer term implications for your weekend enjoyment.




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