What life habits cost more to change


What life habits cost more to change


Without change of habits there is no weight loss that lasts. This work is a very personal path, always different in each case. Here also the difficulties are personalized, there is not one patient like another, according to the specialists in obesity:

For some women, the pitfall is in  physical exercise due to lack of habit or low physical form – many have not exercised regularly – and others claim lack of time. They put work, care of family members, domestic responsibilities … Only the time “left over” is dedicated to themselves and to the care of their health.

For others, the problem lies in the feeding patterns , which are more difficult to follow, and also the reasons for the difficulties are varied. Sometimes they have a feeling of anxiety or greater appetite in times of stress or lack of collaboration on the part of the family.

Often patients have to make two different meals because the rest of the family does not want to join this job of changing habits. There may also be confusion with the guidelines or lack of time to buy fresh food regularly.

There is not one habit that is more difficult to change than another: each patient has a profile, some circumstances, some previous experiences and the only one that helps them is to identify the concrete problem and look for solutions.

Collect information: questionnaire. You have to make a very complete strategy for each patient and that is only achieved with information, but not any kind of information. “Before coming to the consultation, the patients answer a very complete questionnaire that we provide them online. 80% of women fill it, which gives an idea of ​​their great motivation to lose weight, “explains Dr. Alba Galdón.

Get the “photo” of the patient. With a good clinical history on the table and all the data on the patient’s nutrition habits and lifestyle, including their emotions and feelings, specialists can start their personalized plan to lose weight effectively. It is, in the words of Dr. Galdón, how to have a “complete picture” of the patient, of the woman who is sitting in front of her and who wants to be a mother more than anything else in the world.

“Teach me how to fish”.  The big challenge for endocrinologists is to “give tools to women” to change things in their lives, something like teaching fish instead of giving fish from time to time.As each case is different, the key is once again in design a plan to the letter.Now take a look at how these features of como quedar embarazada rapido.

Practical case of success.  Dr. Vazquez collected results from 200 obese women with a body mass index (BMI) of 37.2, which corresponds to obesity in grade 2.  The initial goal to be able to think about pregnancy is to lose at least 6 kilos in 6 months and about 10 centimeters of waist , which is even more important as we have seen.

More than in weight loss, specialists focus on the waist circumference, which gives an idea of ​​the distribution of fat in the body. And the less waist centimeters we have, it has been shown that there is more “health rate” for future pregnant and baby. With all this help, it is an acceptable objective and one that can last over time.

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