What is Islam – A Short Introduction


What is Islam – A Short Introduction


Islam is one of the quickest developing religions of the world. Its devotees have spread all over the globe and with consistently that passes it encounters an increment in its supporters. The religion that was recently thought as to be the religion of Arabia is presently a general religion and it has supporters from a wide range of ethnic and social foundations.

The data of Islam that individuals other than Muslims have is the thing that originates from media, and unfortunately, media is very one-sided in such manner and attempts to depict Islam as a negative religion. This post won’t talk about how media depicts Islam or how it should depict it, however, this composition will give a short presentation of what Islam is and what qualities and traits it involves.


The exacting importance of the word Islam is ‘harmony’. It is a religion that was uncovered to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) more than fourteen hundred years back in Saudi Arabia. According to Muslim convictions, Islam is the last religion that Allah Almighty has sent for the direction of humankind and there won’t be some other religion tailing it. In addition, Islam isn’t only a religion that gives just the religious lifestyle, rather it is finished code of life and talks about each matter of life, regardless of whether it is financial aspects, legislative issues, or public activity, etc.

Key Figures:

In Islam there are two key assumes that are of significance and without the learning of which one can’t start the understanding or know about religion.

The principal key figure in Islam is Allah Almighty. He is the Lord, Creator and the Sustainer of life in this universe. As indicated by Muslim conviction, Allah is the main Lord, He neither has any parent, kin, or youngsters. He is the One and Only.

The second key figure in Islam is Muhammad (PBUH). He is the Prophet of Islam and Allah Almighty uncovered the religion to Him. He was conceived in the year 570 in Makkah and when He was 40 years of age, He got the main disclosure. A while later He formally began lecturing Islam till the age of 63 when He passed on in Madina. For Muslims, there is no other identity in this world more venerate and appreciation commendable than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Like all the different religions of the world that have some regulation which they pursue, Islam has the tenet as Holy Quran. It is the Divine Book that was uncovered on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) throughout 23 years and it contains every one of the rules that Muslims require to adhere to the way of uprightness. Because of this vitality and the way that the recitation or perusing of Quran accompanies religious reward, a large number of Muslims over the world learn Quran and attempt to comprehend the message that Almighty needed to pass on through it.

There is an auxiliary principle also which Muslims follow on the off chance that they are not ready to grasp the message of the Quran. This principle is the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which are a gathering of His customs and platitudes. In this way, when Muslims discover any uncertainty in understanding the Quran, they counsel the hadith and locate the down to earth usage of the honours of the Quran.For best services you can visit just goto, Islam.

Changing over To Islam:

At the point when an individual chooses to change over to Islam, the person in question needs to broadcast Shahadah, the revelation in which the individual expresses that there is no God yet Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger. Notwithstanding saying this verbally, a changing over Muslim should likewise have faith in it from the base of the heart also.

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