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Land surveying is a complex business, and therefore there are a number of misconceptions about what it is and why folks want it. If you’re thinking about whether to have a property survey performed on your house (or land you intend to purchase ), odds are you have fallen prey to one or more of those myths, that have the capability to steer you wrong.

MYTH : Land Surveys Are Not Necessary If You Can Discover the Survey Stakes.

If you found the survey bets from a land surveying poll, all of you know is there was a prior surveyor who would have ascertained that this place was on the border of this property; this does not signify the survey is true, or that you have really found your property.

A professional land surveyor will let you know if what you have discovered is your property ; you could be amazed to understand that in many circumstances, what you believe is a surveying monument might not be whatsoever. Additionally, your findings would not hold up in court, though a certified land surveyor’s would.

MYTH : It Is Very Rare To Get A Neighbor To Encroach More Than A Property Line.

It is more common than you think; property surveyors see these kinds of issues. Do not be so certain you are not encroaching onto land which legally belongs to a neighbor, or they are not technically doing exactly the same with your house.

MYTH : I Will Build My Fence About Your Property Line With No Survey.

Even if you’re certain you are building just in your property, it is always sensible to safeguard your investment by making certain you understand exactly where the property lines are. In case it ends up you have assembled on a nearby property, you might be forced to tear off your work. Think twice before creating a fence directly on the house line, even in the event that you believe know right where it is.

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