Play Candy Crush Saga The Right Way

        Play Candy Crush Saga The Right Way

Candy Crush Saga game by King, is one of the most played Facebook games today. Players will need to crush candies of different colors by making matches of 3 or more candy. The game also has a ton more features than that. In this guide, I’ll attempt to layout the fundamentals any player should know when playing candies crush saga.

Know the consumer interface:

The game port is essential. You need to know what each button does. For instance most players did not know about some features from the user interface like the prize wheel, the entire life send attribute, the capability to reshuffle the plank and so on. Knowing the layout and what every button does is quite vital for the player.

Know the board:

Each degree of this game has a different board. The board can at times be very tricky and as a player, you have to be familiar with various features of the board. On some levels you will be introduced with planks that are different so it’s essential to know how such as how the candies proceed from board to board.

Know the candies and the mixtures:

It really surprises me when I see that some candies crush players on elevated levels, don`t even know more about the difference between horizontal and vertical striped candies. The game is all about candy so any player needs to be aware of the different fun88 candy kinds alongside the different candy mixtures which may be made. It will make your gameplay a lot simpler. (illustrations: striped + striped, striped+wrapped)

Know that the Boosters:

Boosters are made by candy crush to make our lives easier. Each booster serves another purpose rather than all boosters may be used in most levels.The players will get few free boosters early in the sport and from the prize wheel. Candy crush also has a shop where players can buy boosters for actual money. Understanding the game boosters and what they do is very important so that players perform n`t waste them. I would recommend not to use the boosters if you’re not confident you won’t pass the level without them.

Know the blockers:

Perhaps you have been in this situation?

Yay a fresh sweet crush level… Oh wait, what is this new thing?

In contrary to the boosters, blockers are what create our candy crush sport tougher. Various sorts of blockers are released on various levels. Players must know all about these blockers and how to get rid of them to be able to pass a level. Occasionally blockers may play for your favor and abusing them can lead to instant reduction.


The sport may be rather addictive and sometimes you will get stuck on amounts for days. Only don`t give up readily and try to think before you make any move.

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