How to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Special Software

Ever wanted to download a fb video, but couldn’t determine out how?

It is without a doubt not that hard.

Why would you need to download facebook video?

Right here are 3 viable reasons:

1. You uploaded through Instagram
You created a video on Instagram and driven it on your Facebook web page (extremely good way to get massive reach, btw!).

Now you need to use the video on YouTube, Vimeo or your own website.

2. You uploaded thru a gaming console
My 10 yr vintage son wants to be one of these gamer youngsters on his YouTube channel.

His PS4 console has the option to file the online game — however then handiest allows him to publish it to fb, not YouTube.

Now not proper.

3. You created a live video on a personal fb group
If you have a private fb organization and you’re actively going live, you may need to share that content in other places.

Now you may!

So, how do you download a fb video report so that you can add it to other places? I’ll display you under.

A way to download facebook motion pictures without unique software (Ninja Trick!)
This ninja trick indicates you the way to extract an MP4 document of your video from fb.

No fancy software required!

Beneath are the stairs involved to download any fb video from a web page, Profile or organization!

Download From a facebook page
Step 1: go to the web page
Go to the page that posted the video.

Then click on the “Video” tab at the left-hand facet.

Step 2: find the Video
In case you don’t have an instantaneous hyperlink to the video, search for it within the Video tab. When you find the video you want to download, click on it to open it.

When you try this, you’ll see the date/time stamp.

Step 3: download the Video
You’ve got numerous alternatives whilst you’re equipped to download any video from facebook. Which version you select is depending on a pair of things:

Is it on a web page, Profile or organization?
Is it Public or private?
As an example, shall we say you manage a non-public fb group and want to download your modern-day fb stay video?

You may assume you wouldn’t be capable of download from a private group, proper? Wrong!

You can. ūüėÄ

Under are a few alternatives to download the entire (excessive decision) fb video report.

1. Use a web internet site or Extension
There are many online websites that allow you to download a fb video without including needless software program for your laptop.

FB down.The Internet is an easy answer. Upload the video URL you copied above, paste it, and click download.

GetFVid is for those instances whilst you need to shop a Facebook video that is shared on a non-public institution. And it’s easy to do!

1. Go to the Facebook video you need to download

2. Press ‘CTRL + U’ or right click anywhere at the video and select “View page source,” “to view web page supply in a new window

3. Replica and Paste the web page supply into GetFVidIf you’re like me and you adore any option that simplifies your manner, uses an extension as opposed to navigating to the internet site.

The most solid Chrome extension out there’s Social Video Downloader.

Upload the Chrome extension and download Facebook Video’s while on the social community!

Yep, it’s definitely that simple! This is how you download facebook motion pictures.

After you download the document, you may reuse the video on different platforms — like your website, YouTube or every other video channel you would can check here information about¬†Facebook video downloader.

What about you? Have you ever tried this?

Do you see different makes use of for downloading your movies from fb? Allow me to recognize within the feedback underneath.

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