Handy Looks at the Best Television Shows of the 60s


Handy Looks at the Best Television Shows of the 60s



Arguably the greatest time for television. We got our first glimpse of color television and the number of shows that were being pumped out of the Hollywood films studios is second only to maybe now. While Handy does love the shows of today, they have always had a soft spot for the television shows of the 1960s. Join us on a journey of the best shows from a classier time in our history.
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Perhaps it was the fact that times seemed a little less fast paced or the fact that we did not have a lot of other technology to compete with, but whatever the case may be, these shows are some of the best that the 1960s had, as still has, to offer. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip to the past.

  1. Bewitched – For nearly a decade, Samantha and Darrin delighted audiences with their good old-fashioned humor. If ever there was an embodiment of sitcom (situational comedy), this show would be it. Samantha and her mother would get into all sorts of mischief and try to keep it from Darrin. We were all excited when they had the baby as well.
  2. Gilligan’s Island – In this show we follow five adventurers after their boat crashed on an island after a horrible storm. Much better than lost in certain aspects but left much more to be desired in others. All in all, we love seeing the Skipper and Gilligan always bickering and the Professor trying desperately to get them off the island.
  3. I Dream of Jeannie – The 60s version of Dharma and Gregg, only much better written. The Jeannie is always trying to get by with something but remain faithful to Captain Nelson. We were absolutely hooked from the very first episode.
  4. Star Trek – There never has been, and never will be a greater space television series than Star Trek. They even tried to do another one in the form of Firefly and it was canceled after just one season. You just can’t compare to the adventures of Spock, Kirk, and McCoy. They did so much for racism, sexism, human rights, and world peace.
  5. Batman – One of the first comics to be lifted from paper to the small screen. While the newest movies have advanced graphics, Batman made do with what they had and delighted both children and adults alike. Literally the pioneer of comics to live action, Batman fought crime in a way that had never been seen before on television. All current success should thank this series time and time again for what they did for their careers.

    If there was one thing that Handy could get this year for the holidays, it would be the complete series of all of these shows. Just talking about it has made them very nostalgic for the simpler times of the 60s. Maybe one day they will invent time travel and we can all go back in time to the era that we love the most. You would definitely be able to find us in the 60s.

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