Handmade jewellery The golden formula


Handmade jewellery The golden formula


From wedding ceremonies to formal get-togethers, ladies in Pakistan are inclined to pay the greater charge for custom jewellery to face out from the relaxation. Most necklaces, bracelets, income, earrings, jhoomars and bindiyas are mainly designed to suit outfits. And in Ramazan, the jewellery business gets a enormous improve as a number of weddings are scheduled after Eidul Fitr.


Making custom jewellery, but, requires time and quality craftsmanship. It’s an intensive process and definitely now not as glamorous because the very last product. Proper from melting the gold in dust pots to setting stones to reap the finished product, many complicated steps are required. “whether it is 24-karat gold or 14-karat gold, the manner of creating custom jewellery is the identical,” says Saeedur Rehman, a goldsmith walking a small-scale production enterprise in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi. He explains that every goldsmith starts with a carved wax model of the design and then a 24-karat bullion is blended with alloys including silver and copper to get the desired purity level.
Transferring the pieces on plaster of Paris. Snap shots : HUMA CHOUDHARY

People need to be dexterous as the method involves minimal machine paintings. “We don’t have present day device or power,” says Tahir Ahmed, a craftsman at Rehman’s manufacturing facility. But, those boundaries have no longer hindered the creativity of Pakistani craftsmen and their merchandise are in fantastic call for inside the international marketplace as well. “Our designs and workmanship are appreciated by means of consumers all over the international,” adds Ahmed.

Placing specific components on a wax mould to give them a form according to the design. Pix : HUMA CHOUDHARY

1 Gold is melted and poured into packing containers to cool and harden.

2 strong bars are then located in a system to make flat plates and wires. From those plates, thinner plates are reduce as according to the design, at the same time as wires are used to shape hole and solid balls.

3 all the portions are located in acid to lead them to vibrant after which a sample piece for every factor is made by way of hand. For instance, if a necklace includes a flower pattern, then one flower from the design could be organized first.

4 using wax and heat, the sample is replicated (if required) and the rest of the portions are made by way of pouring molten gold into a box that consists of the wax mould.

5 as soon as all the one-of-a-kind additives are ready, they’re set on a wax mold and given form in keeping with the layout.you can visit their website here for more knowledge

6 The portions are then transferred on a plaster of Paris mold and joined the use of heat and then it’s far allowed to harden.

7 The prepared product is eliminated from the mildew and hand polished.

8 Stones are set into the layout if required.

9 Silver and bronze colorings are delivered to the final product as in step with every patron’s requirements.

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