4 best Android TV box accessories actually worth buying

4 Best Android TV box accessories actually worth buying


You picked out the best Android television box for your self, but you’re simplest halfway done. Regardless of which device you choose, you’re going to need add-ons.

We’ve got prepared a listing of the top four crucial accessories.

Some might not paintings depending on what box you have – maximum is regular, all are high-quality.

1. High-gain wi-fi Antenna

If your streaming participant cannot appear to hold up, an awful wireless signal might be the difficulty. A video takes a number of bandwidth, especially in case you’re trying to flow 4K video from Netflix or YouTube.

Add an excessive-benefit antenna to your router or your television container (or each) to reinforce your signal and get greater throughput. If your box has removable antennas, you’ve got some right alternatives.

2. Excessive-velocity SD Card

Your television container generally comes with both 8GB or 16GB of the inner garage, it’s actually no longer much – you’re going to want more space simply in case.

SD playing cards are the most not unusual type of storage. But be careful: most of the memory playing cards are fundamental, low-price range ones that shops like a great buy and Walmart will place on sale surely cheap.

They’ll get the activity done, but they’re now not designed for high-speed statistics transfers which you want for excessive resolution video or images.

We advise a high-velocity SD card, those are not unusual for digital SLR cameras or 4K video cameras. The emblem you choose typically would not depend; normally Samsung, PNY and SanDisk are all stable.

3. External USB three.0 difficult pressure

In case you need extra garage than an SD card, and an excellent fee, strive an outside hard force.

There may be two crucial matters to bear in mind:
A. Portability

This relies upon on how you view your media. In case you’ve got a set that you want to watch on several specific television’s, then a transportable hard pressure is recommended; you may also want to examine a domestic NAS (a community on hand garage) so all people at home can view the media, however that’s extra advanced.
B. Speed

We advocate a USB three. Zero hard drive for pace. If your television field has USB three. Zero ports and you want to circulate 4K video, select the USB 3.Zero alternative – if no longer, you will be prescribing your self to decrease decision videos.

4. HDMI transfer

This reachable hub takes one HDMI port on the again of your tv and offers you extra ports to plug on your other devices. In fact, you may get client-grade HDMI switches with two ports all the manner up to eight ports.

One aspect to watch out for: there’s a difference between an HDMI transfer and an HDMI Splitter.

HDMI transfer: permits multiple devices to share an unmarried port and switch to and fro relying on what you need to look at

HDMI Splitter: splits the equal sign out of your device out to multiple TVs or monitors.

Be careful you’re shopping for the right one for what you want to do.

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