The Aadhaar application is one of the era achievement testimonies of India, and is an initiative exceptional in scope everywhere else within the international. India is leading the way within the implementation of a national identification program linked to biometric information. As of March 2017, 113 crore citizens in India have an Aadhaar card, which is more or less 88.6 percent of the projected population. You can read more about Aadhar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth for more info

Delhi, Haryana and Telangana have visible the most enthusiastic adoption of Aadhaar, with the wide variety of people with Aadhaar exceeding the projected populations of the country. The adoption of Aadhaar is markedly lagging inside the north jap states, with much less than 10 percentage of the projected populations in Assam and Nagaland having Aadhaar playing cards.

The card is meant to streamline bureaucratic methods, for better governance, turning in a number services to the residents in addition to distribution of advantages and subsidies. Rs 671 crore of subsidies was directly transferred to ten lakh farmers in Karnataka, in one smooth operation, proving the capacity of Aadhaar. The principal and state exchequers have stored Rs 36 crore in years due to the deployment of Aadhaar.

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Paul Romer, the leader economist on the World Bank, instructed Bloomberg that a global standardised machine on the traces of Aadhaar will gain anyone on earth. “The system in India is the most sophisticated I actually have seen. It’s the idea for all types of connections that contain things like economic transactions. It might be true for the world if this became widely followed,” Romer said.

While many nations have registries of the population, smart passports with chips that keep personal documents and other facts, and a thriving biometrics market, few have implemented a application as formidable and featured as Aadhaar. Comparable initiatives are underway in Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia and Malaysia.



Brazil has had a national identification card program for the reason that 1980s. In its modern shape, there are numerous factors of similarities among Brazil and India in relation to the implementation of a nationwide identification program with biometric capabilities.

Both countries are inside the manner of implementing the modern day technology to “leapfrog” past the evolved international locations. The cards are a need in practice, even though no longer formally mandatory in step with the law. The Brazilian model of UIDAI is known as The Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies (Abrid).

Abrid brings together digital identity, smartcards, and biometric identity offerings to the residents of Brazil. Brazil is on the leading edge of enforcing biometric authentication for banking transactions, an initiative similar to the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System in India, that’s seeing a regular boom in usage. Users can withdraw cash from ATMs by using a fingerprint scanner, even without a plastic card. Similar to India, fingerprints of all of the ten fingers are accrued on the time of enrollment.

A similar software in India for remote and rural areas is the Aadhaar pay app for traders, which lets in customers to authenticate digital transactions the usage of handiest their fingerprints, without the want for a cellphone or a card. Retail chains in Brazil allow purchasers to make purchases with a biometric fingerprint scanner, authenticated in tandem with a telephone.


In Brazil, the identity cards are used to streamline bureaucratic procedures, where a single card acts as a stand in for severa other identity cards. Unlike India though, the Brazilian identity card ensures citizenship, some thing that Aadhaar does not claim to do. Just the ID quantity is enough to float thru several respectable techniques that require identification, similar to the implementation in India.


Ghana is any other emerging economy that is looking at imposing the cutting-edge technologies. Similar to the inception of Aadhaar in India, the earliest versions of the national identification card, known as the Ghana card become expected for the people residing in the tough borders of the u . S ..

The authority that oversees the issuing of the Ghana card is referred to as the National Identification Authority (NIA), that is the equal of the UIDAI in Ghana. A country wide identity application became first brought in Ghana in the Nineteen Seventies, however the implementation of the Ghana card in its gift form accompanied the guidelines of a technical committee tasked with overhauling the countrywide identity system in Ghana, presented before the cupboard in 2002.

The diverse services supplied via the Ghana card. Image: NIA.

The mandate changed into to cowl all citizens, which include resident non Ghanians. Similar to Aadhaar, the Ghana card turned into conceived as an instrument to swiftly supply public offerings. There changed into a focus on banking transactions thru the Ghana card, similar to the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. There had been intense mass registration physical games in the early days of the overhaul, similar to the early length of Aadhaar roll out in India.

Similar to the Aadhaar card in India, corporations and individuals approved to get admission to the statistics of the citizens can achieve this through a centralised database. The Ghana card presents firms with information sharing, non-public facts verification, on line identification validation and biometric verification services. The offerings are regulated with the aid of the National Identity Register Act, which is a parallel to the Aadhaar Act in India.


The identification card in Indonesia is referred to as Karta Tanda Penduduk (KTP), and the digital version is referred to as the eKTP. The eKTP combines capabilities from the specific identity cards used in the People’s Republic of China, and the Aadhaar card from India. The advent of the eKTP covered a registration blitz, much like the implementation of country wide identity playing cards with biometric features in India and Ghana.

The fingerprints of all of the ten fingers are saved in the central database, much like India and Brazil. However, most effective of the fingerprints are saved on a chip on the cardboard. Unlike India, where a printout or a xerox is a legitimate ID card, the model of the cardboard in Indonesia is embedded with smart electronics. There are separate versions of the card for residents and non residents.

The primary cause of the eKTP is to be the unmarried file wanted for verification of identity. The eKTP is vital for the transport of some of public offerings to the residents. Users cannot get a SIM card with out an eKTP. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has reccomended the verification of existing SIM playing cards the usage of the Aadhaar based totally e-KYC carrier.

The residents can not enjoy benefits of the healthcare application in Indonesia without an eKTP, no longer undergo the manner of immigration, and not enjoy some banking offerings. In India, although the government is attempting to increase the scope of Aadhaar in the distribution of advantages, the Supreme Court has ruled that no citizen of the united states need to be disadvantaged of benefits for now not having an Aadhaar card.

In Indonesia the device has been applied to streamline the bureaucratic processes, and prevent residents from having to post the identical documents again and again again in diverse government offices. The reasons for the implementation of Aadhaar in India are comparable. The Indonesian authorities plans to make eKTP a needful for all schemes by means of the government, going ahead.


Malaysia has one of the most advanced national identification card programs inside the world. It became the primary united states of america to introduce biometric security in a computer chip together with image identity on a unmarried card in 2001. The residents can pick to feature the services that they need to use the card for, that is an approach India can take for the benefit of its residents.

The MyKad card is obligatory, for all grownup everlasting residents of the country. Users can choose to use the card as an ATM card, a virtual pockets and a using license, amongst different applications. The card is a result of the Government Multi-Purpose card assignment, and Malaysia evolved its personal technologies and methodologies for the implementation, as there had been no similar tasks everywhere in the international whilst Malaysia added a multi-purpose clever card.

The essential difference inside the implementation with India, is that the complete technique is added as a replaceable smartcard. The card shops identity info, biometric statistics of the palms, and the religion for Muslims. Apart from a proof of identification, the MyKad is likewise a evidence of cope with, in contrast to the Aadhaar card. In exercise, there are some situations in which Aadhaar is used as an deal with proof. An RBI round permits using Aadhaar as address proof, and an Aadhaar card is a legitimate evidence of cope with for the passport verification method.

Users can select to use the MyKad card as a license. The citizens are now not required to then deliver round a driving license, and may gift the MyKad card on demand from traffic police. The avenue transport department permits renewal of the riding license component directly on the MyKad cards.

Within Malaysia, the MyKad card is frequent as an alternative to the passport. Users with MyKad can go out and input the us of a thru the manage gates. However, Malaysian residents travelling internationally, are required to produce a ordinary passport at overseas places, and the MyKad isn’t always an alternative to the passport internationally.

MyKad is likewise used as a public key infrastructure for the customers. Those who prompt this feature can use the MyKad for verification, authentication and encryption. The offerings can be used by any service, however is specifically useful for banking, buying, public services and billing. There is an optionally available function to authenticate e mail get right of entry to through MyKad as nicely.

The contactless electronic fund transfer function on the MyKad can be used for making bills in Highway toll plazas, rail transport, vehicle parks and subject matter parks. Aadhaar does no longer have these features as but, however can probably be brought through the Aadhaar enabled payment system. In India, local shipping structures use their own clever playing cards, and toll plazas have their personal virtual charge infrastructures.

The crucial distinction here in comparison to India, is that while the Malaysian government makes it compulsary to accumulate biometric statistics of all of the everlasting citizens, while and in which to apply the cardboard, and for which programs, is absolutely up to the user. The Indian Aadhaar program could do with a touch extra freedom of desire. The advantages and applications of Aadhaar stand to multiply if the authorities can truly problem a clever card model of Aadhaar.

Extensions to the fundamental MyKad gadget have seen the platform getting used as a garage medium for the data of farmers taking part in local markets. An agricultural market statistics portal has been integrated into MyKad. India can potentially integrate its Farmer’s portal into Aadhaar.

There are over 166,000 points of utilization of the MyKad card. Information required for Fishermen and Pensioners are stored without delay on the card. The government additionally makes use of the cardboard for the distribution of advantages, much like the technique in India. Children between the ages of 12 to 18 have their own non-obligatory version, known as the MyKid card.


Biometric authentication and security mechanisms are hardly ever carried out in a mass scale around the arena. The purpose for that is that there are numerous issues with biometrics. One of the principal moral worries is what happens if the information gets into the incorrect fingers (say a central authority adversarial to sections of the population comes into power and abuses the database).

A Human rights body referred to as the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) requested the United States to now not divulge the biometric facts it accrued whilst occupying Iraq, to the new Iraqi authorities, bringing up issues of potential human rights violations.

There are worries of facts protection, privacy of the information, and uncertainty around the establishments relied on with Aadhaar statistics. An corporation depended on with gathering Aadhaar information has been blacklisted for ten years once they publicly tweeted out sensitive personal information of cricketer MS Dhoni. Simple search terms on Google deliver heaps of databases from third events containing Aadhaar numbers connected to different private information. Always put PAN Card around and use it in place of Aadhaar card as it will less expose to scammers.

The databases showing up in the seek consequences originating from government net sites had been silently disappearing though. Using Aadhaar for banking transactions at supplier places is as true as delivering your password, if the authentication devices are compromised. Despite those concerns, the UIDAI in addition to IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad rightly factor out that the principal Aadhaar database is adequately secured, and has in no way been compromised.

One of the fundamental drawbacks for India is that the Aadhaar is not a smart card. The rollout of one of these card could be high-priced, however the public stands to gain an awful lot greater than Aadhaar in its modern form. At least some issues over biometric authentication might be quelled due to the opportunity of a smart card. A variety of government offerings, and statistics applicable to the users can be stored at the clever card itself.  You can read more about Aadhar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth for more info

Choice is every other important element right here. Allowing the users to select while and what offerings to use for Aadhaar gives the end consumer the manipulate, in addition to peace of thoughts. In such an implementation, the residents do not experience cornered into actions that they’re no longer comfy with, and which can reveal them to more threat in terms of safety and privateness. The privateness legal guidelines inside the usa are dismal, and India does now not actually have devoted legal guidelines for privateness or data safety, each of which are the need of the hour, and feature implications for the introduction of subsequent generation technology beyond Aadhaar.

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