6 Artistic Ideas Which You Should Include in Your Planner


6 Artistic Ideas Which You Should Include in Your Planner


Having a transcending waves planner is a perfect way of keeping tabs on each and everything which is happening in your life. A planner can help you in remembering important dates and make you less worried about forgetting them. Nevertheless, there are a couple of other things or ideas which you can incorporate in your planner to make the most out of it. Below are some suggestions.

  1. Inspiration page

Set aside an inspiration page in your planner where you will be writing down all your favorite quotes, books, favorite poetry and your own words which will keep you inspired. You can create an inspiration page for every month and refer to it when you need motivation.

  1. Due dates

Due dates are always there regardless of where you are. It can be in school, college and if you are working or not. It’s necessary to keep records of your due dates so that you won’t forget them. When you keep records of your due dates, you will be in a position to work on them quickly and reduce the stress from your life for a while.

  1. Include a bucket list

We all have bucket lists whether we keep it in our minds or in written form. With time you might find that your bucket list has changed and that is why it’s important to note down some of the bucket lists which you have realized and accomplished.

Having a bucket list is a great way of setting goals and finding ways in which you can achieve them. Every person should make sure that they have a bucket list. Bucket lists can be of help too when you are feeling low.

  1. Weather

As you begin a new week, you should browse online and look at how the weather will be. Write down the weather for every single day of the whole week. If on a particular day, the weather will be sunny you can draw sunshine and clouds for the rainy days. It’s also good for you to be prepared with the weather. Most of us have been inappropriately dressed at one point or the other. You step outside with a shirt and shorts only to find that its rainy outside.

  1. Use stickers

You can purchase stickers to make your planner look lovely. You can use the sticker for making specific dates which are important to you. For instance, you can use a sticker which says “date night” on the date when you will be going for a date with your boyfriend.

  1. A highlight and lowlight of how your day was

Reflecting on the good and bad things which have happened during the day is a good step towards self-improvement. You can use your daily planner to write down the things which went well in your day and the one which did not. This will assist you in starting the following day on a clean slate.

Getting yourself a transcending waves planner is one way of getting control of your life. Instead of making your planner be filled with boring dates and daily task to do you can add the above ideas to spice up your daily planner.


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